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Welcome to East Bay SPCA Online Behavior and Training Library! We understand that sometimes your pet’s behavioral issues can be overwhelming, and that’s why we’re here to help! By providing information and tools, our goal is help pet owners and potential adopters gain a deeper understanding of cat and dog behavior to ensure that people and pets live together comfortably.

The guides below include scientifically-based methods and best practices that will hep you manage many common behavioral problems. Please browse the titles below.

We also offer an array of Dog Training classes and cat and dog workshops and seminars that are high-quality, affordable and fun!

Cat Behavior

Transitioning a Fearful Cat to A New Home
Litter Box Problems?
Prevent Inappropriate Scratching
Enrichment for Cats – How to Stimulate their Minds!
Living with a Fearful Cat
How to Prevent Rough Play in Cats
How to Introduce Cat and Dog
Cat Body Language Illustrations from

Dog Behavior

Home Alone 2: Life After Quarantine
Canine Food Enrichment 
How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language
Dog Body Language Illustrations from
How Dogs Learn
The Kong: Your Puppy’s Pacifier
Total Recall: Coming When Called
How to Introduce Cat and Dog
Dog For Hire: Enrich Your Dog’s Life

Training Videos

Behavior and Training Helpline

If your pet has a persistent behavioral problem, and you need help or advice please request advice by completing our behavior helpline form.  Please first review our behavior and training resource library above.  If you do not have access to the internet or e-mail, you can reach us at (510) 563-4623.  It is our goal to return your inquiry within 72 hours; however due to the volume of inquiries, it can take up to one week due to the popularity of this service.

Request Behavior Advice Here

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