Dog Training

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your new puppy? Does your dog need a brush up on their manners? Let us help you! With our affordable dog training classes, you can transform your pup's behavior and strengthen your bond in no time. Through positive reinforcement and fear free training methods, our experts will help you unleash your dog's full potential.

We currently offer many types of classes: in-person group training, online classes, and private training sessions at our Oakland and Dublin locations.  Our training classes are designed to enrich the bond between you and your companion through positive reinforcement methods. The information below will help you pick a training option that’s right for you and your dog.

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What Levels of Training Do You Offer?


Beginner classes are the perfect place for you and your dog to start achieving your training goals. These classes are designed to help your dog learn the fundamentals of good manners. Beginner classes are a great way to improve communication and enhance the bond between you and your dog. We have beginner classes for pups and dogs of all ages.

These classes are recommended for dogs who are comfortable being within proximity to other dogs and around unknown people. Although we use management tools in our classes that prevent most direct interaction between dogs, our beginner group classes are not appropriate for dogs who exhibit reactive behaviors (barking/lunging) around strange dogs or people.


Our advanced classes are geared toward those who have previously taken classes and for human-dog teams who are looking to achieve that next level of behavior and training greatness!


Our specialty classes are designed to be fun, informative, and really take your behavior and training to the next level!

Which Class is Right for My Dog?

  • My dog will be UNDER 16wks (4 months) at the start date of the class.
  • My dog will be OVER 16wks (4 months) at the start date of the class.
  • I want to work on a specific issue with my dog (jumping up, barking on leash, resource guarding, etc.)
  • My dog barks and lunges consistently at other dogs on leash. What class is right for me?
  • I’m interested in a fun specialty class such as Nose Work, Tricks, Agility, Canine Good Citizen, or Recall.
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    Important Policy Information

  • All Course Training Policies
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  • What is a clicker?
  • My dog barks at and/or pulls toward other dogs while on leash. Should I bring him to a class or explore private training?
  • My dog is shy and nervous out in public, but I want to teach him/her basic manners. Should I bring him to class?
  • Do you offer any class discounts?
  • What vaccinations should my dog have before coming to any class?
  • What do I do if I miss a class?
  • Can I bring family members to class with me?
  • Can my teenage son-daughter be the one taking our dog to class?
  • What should I bring to class?
  • Why do I need food to train my dog? What kind of food?
  • I want my dog to be better socialized around other dogs and people. Would a class be good for this?
  • I would like my dog to become a service dog. Can I have him or her certified at East Bay SPCA?
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