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We love to hear happy adoption stories! We share your stories on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and other communications, where they can inspire more people to adopt, volunteer, or care about animal welfare. We'd love to hear about your experience at our Oakland and Dublin locations on Yelp, too.

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black and white dog on red sofa

Rocky’s Happy Tail: From Shelter to Snuggles

Mar 12, 2024
"I've always known that shelter dogs are amazing, but Rocky has been such a reminder of this. I've been telling everyone who will listen to please consider adopting from a shelter when you're considering a new furry family member."
gray striped cat on shelf

The Perfect Pair: Pepper and Bean Sprout’s Bond

Feb 24, 2024
Pepper (formerly Kipper) was the perfect match for my then-resident cat Bean Sprout. The staff at East Bay SPCA helped me to find a kitty who was the perfect match – confident, savvy, curious, and eager to get to know his brother! After a long introduction process, they are both getting along great! Playing, cuddling, grooming, and loving each other's company! 
black dog sleeping

Volunteer Turned Pet Parent: Apollo’s Adoption Tale

Feb 2, 2024
When I started volunteering at the EBSPCA, I had a long talk with myself. I knew I'd want to adopt all of the dogs. I convinced myself I had the will power to only volunteer. Epic fail!!! I saw Apollo on the website and he stole my heart. When I peeked in the kennels before my shift and he whined at me, it was a done deal! –Jackie Thomason
girl holding black dog called dimond

Embracing Dimond’s Puppy Love

Jan 14, 2024
"We recently adopted a beloved German Shepherd puppy named Grizzly. We renamed him Dimond, after the park we live near. After fostering him for only three days, we realized we couldn’t give back the late night snuggles and exciting adventures that come with his adorable little face. We were not planning on getting a dog any time soon, but his puppy love won us over." –Liora
dog called olive on a leash

Finding Happiness Again with Olive

Dec 29, 2023
"We lost our dog in October and were looking for another dog to bring that canine energy back into our lives. After interviewing many dogs we met Olive and we knew she was the one. We can never replace our boy whom we lost, but our lives have completely changed for the better now that we can share our home with Olive." –Matt, Adopter
cat in box

Mabel: From Shy Stray to Heartwarming Companion

Dec 19, 2023
"After the loss of my dog, I was looking for a loving emotional support animal to help me through it. Despite meeting several cats, I didn't feel a strong connection until I encountered Mabel." -Ani, Adopter
black cat on cat tower

The Joyful Journey of Missy, the Black Kitty

Nov 10, 2023
"We formed an instant bond. She loves being petted and scratched, and has the most adorable meow. Beyond that, she's incredibly playful—a fun-loving goofball that brings so much joy and laughter into my life. I'm truly grateful she's now a part of my household, and I wouldn't hesitate to adopt from East Bay SPCA again." - Katarina, Adopter
black cat sleeping

Lance’s Love Story and Irresistible Meow

Nov 3, 2023
"From the moment I wake up to my return home, Goatee (formerly Lance) consistently shares his thoughts with adorable meows, whether in my arms or anticipating a belly rub. His charming white puff under his chin led to the affectionate name Goatee. Demonstrating remarkable intelligence, he's currently mastering the art of fetching with a bouncy ball. And speaking of excellence, the compassionate staff at the shelter truly stand out, pouring their love and care into matching animals like Goatee with wonderful forever homes." - Gabriella, Adopter
two dogs playing in yard

New Beginnings with Jack and Sally

Nov 2, 2023
"Our new pet has already brought so much joy, especially during Halloween when we dressed them up in adorable costumes—a delightful experience. The staff at East Bay SPCA, particularly in Dublin, played a crucial role in making this match possible. Their assistance was not only helpful but also marked by kindness, making the entire process a positive and memorable experience." - Mike, Adopter
black kitten facing camera

Festive Fun with Ms. Mojave

Oct 29, 2023
"The story of our new kitty cat, Ms. Mojave, is truly one to cherish. We welcomed her into our family when she was just four months old, and now, at five months, she's experiencing her first Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween with us. She has become a delightful addition to our household, bringing joy and laughter into our daily lives. Receiving her as an early Christmas present has made this holiday season even more memorable and heartwarming." - La Shawn, Adopter
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