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The Joyful Journey of Missy, the Black Kitty

Nov 10, 2023

I’ve adopted cats from East Bay SPCA before and decided to meet Missy this time—a black kitty who spent a whole year in the shelter system and had a previous adoption that didn’t work out. It’s been about two months since Missy came home with me, and she’s already established herself as the queen of the house! It’s unfortunate that black cats tend to be overlooked and are the last to be adopted. I wish people would look beyond fur color and consider their unique personalities.

These kitties deserve loving homes just as much as cats of any other color. Missy is an amazing cat, and I’m so glad I gave her a chance. She’s incredibly sweet, bonded with me instantly, loves to snooze next to me when I’m on the computer, and when I talk to her, she reaches out with her paw (adorable, right?). She follows me around, enjoys pets and scratches, and is a playful, fun-loving goofball that never fails to make me laugh. She’s adjusting to the other cats in the house better than I expected. I’m really happy she’s become a part of my household.