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Teddy Bear Enjoys a Wonderful Retirement

Oct 23, 2023

“We adopted Teddy Bear on tax day in 2018 and he has been an absolute joy to have in the family since day #1! A DNA text put his approximate age at 7 years old in 2018, so now our spunky little old(er) man is turning 12 soon!

Teddy is the complete package…occasionally crazy with the zoomies, energetic for about 5 minutes of the day but otherwise mostly lazy, hopelessly in love with Costco’s rotisserie chicken and prosciutto, loves people and belly rubs, will happily lay at your feet while you’re hard at work, and he very much still gets a kick out of occasionally chasing the neighborhood cats (which we have always discouraged) even in his golden years!

Teddy, as we call him now, was everything we needed exactly when we needed it. We can’t imagine our lives without the best boy! Thank you East Bay SPCA Dublin Adoption Center for bringing us together!”

-Irene, Adopter

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