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Volunteer Falls in Love with Dog & Adopts

Sep 25, 2023

“I came to volunteer one day and looked through the windows and saw Chicken Wiggles! There was a psychic click that clearly said “He is The One!” I could hardly wait until the end of my shift to meet him.
With the volunteer work I have been doing, I realized how much I love the energy of cats and dogs. I find it is incredibly soothing and therapeutic for my anxiety to just be in their presence.
Mr. Chicken Wiggles has kept his name with all of the positive associations he has with it. We are looking forward to East Bay SPCA training classes, so he can gently learn to be positively effective at whatever job he has set out to do. He loves his doggie pool and water! He has made friends with the doggies in the neighboring backyards and can play ball forever.
We have three cats who are excited and eager to meet their new doggie brother. We are taking steps to move in that direction in a mindful way. We are enjoying every minute of being together and falling more and more in love with this divinely majestic beast.” – Brenda, adopter

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