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Goose is Thriving a Year after Adoption

Sep 20, 2023

“I lost my senior cat, Lily, to small cell lymphoma last summer and wasn’t sure when I would be ready to adopt another cat. Lily was the first pet of my own as an adult and my best friend. Several weeks after she passed away, I struggled with the constant reminder that she was gone because the house was so quiet. I kept expecting to turn around and see her there. I had adopted a semi-feral garden cat named Tigre during the pandemic, and she had slowly warmed up to me. I decided to move her inside shortly after Lily passed. However, she was having a difficult time adjusting to life indoors. Adopting a fearless kitten would help bring Tigre out of her shell.

I met some kittens at East Bay SPCA to see if I was ready to adopt another cat. I wasn’t expecting to take a cat home that day. Goose, however, had just been put up for adoption that morning, and I fell absolutely in love with him during about 45 minutes of playtime. He came home with me that morning.

It only took him about 12 hours at my house before he became comfortable and became a total love bug. I decided his name, Goose, suited him! I introduced him to my older semi-feral cat Tigre slowly over the next week, and they quickly became best friends. They’re now inseparable, and Goose has brought Tigre out of her shell. I wouldn’t consider her semi-feral now; she’s outgoing and owns the house. Tigre and Goose love to wrestle and play together. They both sleep with me in the bed at night. Goose is over a year old and a big, loving fluff ball. He warms up quickly with people and is the sweetest ball of love. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

I had fostered for the East Bay SPCA before, and everyone on the staff has always been lovely. The day I met Goose, the staff were wonderful about letting me sit in the room with him for a long time to get to know him. It was a very smooth experience, and I am thankful to East Bay SPCA for rescuing Goose so that I could be lucky enough to have him in my life. He is incredibly loved and very spoiled!”

-Felicia, Goose’s adopter

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