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Thank you for your interest in the East Bay SPCA. If you do not see your question answered here, please contact us at info@eastbayspca.org. We are happy to help!

How is the East Bay SPCA funded?

We are a non-profit organization, and our tax ID number is 94-1322202. The East Bay SPCA is funded entirely by private donations, foundation grants, bequests and fees for service. We receive no government funding or tax dollars. The East Bay SPCA is not affiliated with any other SPCA or Humane Society including ASPCA and HSUS.

I’d like to donate to the East Bay SPCA. How can I do that?

You can donate online here or you can make a donation over the phone at 510-563-4604, or mail us at 8323 Baldwin Street, Oakland CA 94621.

Find out about other ways to give, including donating household items and shelter supplies to the East Bay SPCA.

How can I adopt an animal?

Come to any of our two facilities (Oakland or Dublin) to visit with our cats and dogs looking for a new home. Be prepared to spend quality time meeting your new companion, and speaking with our Animal Care Associates about the cat or dog you select. Please visit the How to Adopt page for more information.

How can I surrender an animal?

Finding a new home your pet can be an emotional and difficult decision. Learn the options so you can make sure your pet’s next home is the right one. The East Bay SPCA accepts cats and dogs from individuals who can no longer care for them. Our ability to take in dogs and cats changes continuously. Find out more on our Re-Home Your Pet page.

I’ve lost my dog or cat. What can I do?

Look around your neighborhood and talk with your neighbors. Search when it is quiet and use their name when calling them. Your pet may be hiding, hurt or frightened, so look under bushes and other such objects. Put up posters and distribute flyers with a photo and description of your pet. Give enough information to describe your pet and where it was lost, but don’t give them every bit of information.

Go to the Oakland Animal Services or your local animal control agency and look at the animals to see if your pet has been impounded. Oakland Animal Services holds strays for a certain period of time. File a lost pet report and go back daily for several weeks to see if your pet turns up.

You can find out more on our Lost and Found Pets page.

I’ve found a dog or cat. What should I do?

If you have taken in a lost cat or dog, thank you for getting him or her off the street. Contact Oakland Animal Services or your local animal control agency and file a found dog or cat report. You can also provide care for that animal until their owner contacts the agency.

If you’ve found an animal, click here for more information.

Learn more about what you can do regarding stray cats, feral cats, and kittens.

Is the East Bay SPCA a “no-kill” facility?

We have found that “no-kill” has come to mean so many different things. As such, we choose not to use that term to describe our facilities or policies. The animals that are accepted into our adoption program are kept, cared for, fed, and socialized and/or trained as long as they remain adoptable, i.e. healthy and sociable. There is no time limit for their stay. Animals are euthanized if they are too aggressive to be safely placed in a home or too ill to be rehabilitated.

What do I do if I see an animal being abused or neglected?

Investigations of potential animal abuse are handled through the local animal control agency. To read more about the process of reporting animal cruelty or neglect, click here.

Where can I get my dog licensed?

Each city has its own requirements and fees for dog licenses. Click here to find out more.

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Adoption Center

8323 Baldwin Street
Oakland, CA 94621

Adoption Center Hours
Wednesday - Sunday
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Theodore B. Travers
Family Veterinary Clinic

8323 Baldwin Street
Oakland, CA 94621

Veterinary Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday
By appointment only (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

Oakland Spay/Neuter Surgery Center

410 Hegenberger Road
Oakland, CA 94621

Surgery Center Hours
Tuesday - Saturday
(by appointment)


Adoption Center & Spay Neuter Clinic

4651 Gleason Drive
Dublin, CA 94568

Adoption Center Hours
Wednesday - Sunday
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Spay/Neuter Clinic Hours
By appointment only


GuideStar Platinum Charity

2018 Awards


The East Bay SPCA is a local non-profit that is not affiliated with any national organization. We obtained a four star rating from Charity Navigator and we participate in GuideStar Exchange at the Platinum level. The East Bay SPCA's Tax ID number is 94- 1322202.

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