Spay/Neuter Centers

Spay/Neuter Center Requirements

  • DOG AGE: 6 months to 6 years old
  • CAT AGE: 4 months to 6 years old
  • WEIGHT: 4 to 120 lbs.
  • MEDICAL HISTORY: Healthy with NO underlying medical conditions
    • Some examples of medical conditions include:
      • Heart murmurs
      • History of seizures
      • Medication allergies
      • Previous abdominal surgery
    • If your pet has a medical condition not listed above, please email us first before scheduling to determine if they would qualify to have surgery done at our Spay/Neuter Center.
  • DEPOSIT: $120 deposit required to schedule a surgery

If your pet does not meet the requirements for surgery at our Spay/Neuter Center, it is recommended to have the surgery done at either your regular veterinary clinic or our Full Service Veterinary Clinic. To schedule an appointment at our Full Service Veterinary Clinic, please call (510) 569-1606.  


Vaccination Recommendations:

We STRONGLY recommend that your pet be up to date on vaccinations prior to their surgery appointment. This is for their protection as well as the protection of other animals coming into the facility.

Please discuss appropriate vaccinations with your regular veterinarian ahead of time. If you are unable to vaccinate your pet before surgery, please let us know at check-in and we can provide vaccines at an additional cost on the day of surgery.

All Surgeries are by Appointment Only

Dublin Spay/Neuter Surgery Center (currently closed)


4651 Gleason Drive, Dublin, CA 94568


(925) 479-9674

Oakland Spay/Neuter Surgery Center


410 Hegenberger Road, Oakland, CA 94621


(510) 639-7387

Appointment Request/Pet Profile

Thank you for your interest in spay/neuter surgeries. Spay/neuter appointments are based on surgical team availability. We recommend checking the portal regularly for openings.

Appointments can be scheduled online via the button below.

Request Appointment
or Access Pet Profile

Request appointments, create or access your online pet profile to look at your pet’s records, upload a picture of your pet, and print vaccine history / rabies certificates.

Hours for Both Oakland and Dublin

Check-in Times

Large dogs (over 40 lbs.): 7:15 AM
Small dogs (under 40 lbs.): 7:45 AM
Cats: 8:15 AM

Individuals who have not arrived by 20 minutes after their check-in time, will be considered a no-show.

Pick Up Times

Large dogs (over 40 lbs.): 3:30 PM
Small dogs (under 40 lbs.): 4:00 PM
Cats: 4:30 PM

There is a $50 late fee for animals picked up after 5:00 PM

Discounted Spay/Neuter Programs

The East Bay SPCA has long realized that the solution to the plight of homeless pets is not only more adoption homes, but access to spay and neuter surgery. The East Bay SPCA was one of the first animal welfare organizations in our community to direct that no animal would leave our facility unaltered. Find out more about our discounted spay/neuter programs below.

Check in Forms for Surgery

To save time the morning of surgery, please print and complete the forms at home and bring with you on your pet’s surgery day.


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