Veterinary Services

Expert Veterinary Care, Five Days/Week

East Bay SPCA Vet Clinic

The East Bay SPCA’s full-service Veterinary Clinic offers excellent, affordable care and services to thousands of owned animals each year!


Our Oakland and Dublin Spay and Neuter Centers offers affordable, drop-in vaccine clinics to help people keep their pets healthy.


Our facilities in Oakland and Dublin offer affordable surgeries for dogs and cats. We offer discounts for Chihuahuas, pit bulls, feral cats and animals with low-income owners.


Microchips save lives! Shelters and veterinary clinics around the country routinely scan found animals for microchips to identify pets’ owners.


Canine Influenza Virus is relatively new to the U.S. and is highly contagious. Learn more about the virus and how to protect your dog.

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Behavior and Training

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