On-Demand Cat and Dog Courses

The East Bay SPCA now offers a variety of affordable on-demand, online courses on common cat and dog behavior topics. These presentations include introductory courses on behavior, as well as specialty courses that are designed to help understand and address specific challenges. They are available for you to watch at your convenience for a small fee. Stay tuned as we continue to add new webinar topics!

All course fees support the programs and services of the East Bay SPCA.

Is there a persistent behavior challenge you are working with your cat or dog that you would like more information on? Take a look at our Behavior and Training Resource Library for topics and tips you may be looking for or learn more about our Behavior and Training Helpline.

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Friendly, Fierce, or Frisky – Feline Communication 101


Identify body language, explore enrichment, and learn skills for interacting more knowledgeably with your feline friends! Whether you’re an animal care professional, a longtime pet owner, a new adopter, or are simply interested in learning more about the mysterious creatures we share our homes with, this course is for you.

This course includes two (2) one-hour long sections with two section quizzes.

Price: $35

Hisses to Kisses: Addressing Fear in Cats


Fear is by far the biggest behavioral challenge faced by our shelter cats. As such, our behavior team knows a LOT about helping fearful cats gain confidence! Join our Behavior and Training Associate Micah McKechnie for an in-depth guide on how to help scaredy cats overcome fear– whether they are in a shelter, in foster, or their forever home.

This course includes one (1) hour-long lesson with a final quiz.

Price: $25

Decoding Doggie Dialogues: Canine Communication 101

east bay spca dog training on-demand

Ever wondered what your dog is trying to tell you? You may be surprised at just how many signals you can watch for on a daily basis! Our trainers observe and train hundreds of dogs each year, and want to share their knowledge and expertise with YOU! Join our Behavior and Training Associate Chris Money for an in-depth tour of how to read your dog’s signals, and how to effectively communicate back with them!

This course includes three (3) lessons with associated section quizzes.

Price: $35

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