Behavior and Training

Learn to Speak a Language Your Pet Understands

East Bay SPCA Vet Clinic

Learn to speak in a language your dog understands! We offer Beginner, Advanced, and Specialty Classes and Workshops at both our locations.


We want people and pets to live together comfortably. Reference our library to better understand pet’s behavior and for info about our behavior hotline and professional seminars.


Helping Shelter Dogs

Our behavior modification program helps our shelter dogs overcome behavioral issues so they can be adopted into new, loving homes.

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Improve your life and theirs. Our varied volunteer activities will enhance your life and theirs.

They Need Your Help

Pay it forward: Shelter animals cost us an average of five times their adoption fees but your donation today will help fund their food, shelter and care.

Veterinary Services

Affordable vaccine clinics, neighborhood clinics, high-volume spay and neuter, we’re everywhere and still here with full-service veterinary care for your pet.