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Media Coverage

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4/6/2018 – Alameda Patch – East Bay SPCA inspires kids and volunteers
3/26/2018 – Dublin Patch – Caring Kids and Volunteers Supporting East Bay SPCA
3/1/2018 – Baywoof – 3 Puerto Rican Street Dogs Land in Berkeley
2/25/2018 – East Bay Times/San Jose Mercury News- Laugh about the mouth-to-snout bill, but it could save your dog or cat
2/16/2018 Patch – Smart Cookies: 4th Graders’ Creative Bake Sale Benefitted SPCA
1/17/2018 – Pawculture – How Love, and a Stroller, Helped One Dog Come out of Her Shell
1/1/2018 – Baywoof – EB SPCA Travers Center Serves Lucky Dogs
1/1/2018 – Baywoof – The Amazing Story of Starfish / Dog Nappers


12/30/2017 – The Daily Californian Revisit 2017: The Daily Californian staff captured the year in photos
12/6/2017 – KRON4 – Seriously injured dog finds new home after 7 months at East Bay SPCA
11/29/2017 – East Bay Times Letter: Local nonprofits depend on local donations
11/16/2017 – KRON4 Why are Yorkshire Terrier dogs being stolen in the East Bay?
11/16/2017 – NBC Bay Area Stolen Dog Named Biscuit Returned to Oakland Owners
11/1/17 – Baywoof Thanks, Volunteers, For Being So Awesome
10/13/17 – East Bay Express The East Bay SPCA Helps Overcrowded North Bay Animal Shelters Affected by Fire
10/13/17 – Express California fires: Incredible mission to save THOUSANDS of pets from dying in flames
10/12/17 – SFist Day in the Bay
10/12/17 – The Mercury News Disparate, determined groups saving the cats, dogs, rats, lizards and alpacas of Wine Country
10/12/17 – East Bay Times Disparate, determined groups saving the cats, dogs, rats, lizards and alpacas of Wine Country
10/12/17 – BuzzBry East Bay SPCA taking pets from North Bay shelters
10/12/17 – KRON4 East Bay SPCA taking pets from North Bay shelters amid firestorm
9/16/17 – KPIX Pet of the Week: Hurricane Refugee ‘Irma’ Needs a New Home
9/15/2017- KNTV-SF (NBC) – Today in the Bay (Animals brought in from Hurricanes/Number of pets adopted at Clear the Shelters/in total last year)
9/14/2017 – The Independent Animals from Hurricane Zones Among Those Available for Adoption
9/10/2017 – Sevenvote EastBay SPCA Virtual Reality Tour
9/9/2017 – NY Daily News Dolphins airlifted out of Cuba, chickens plucked from streets, cats hunker down in Florida Keys amid Hurricane Irma warnings
9/8/2017 – KRON4 VIDEO: Over 150 Florida dogs, cats land in Hayward ahead of Hurricane Irma
9/8/2017 – SFGate Dogs, cats fleeing Hurricane Irma arrive in the Bay Area searching for new homes
9/8/2017 – SF Chronicle Hurricane Irma’s dog and cat refugees land at Bay Area Shelters
9/8/2017 – The Sacramento Bee With Harvey, Irma displacing pets, planes full of dogs and cats make it safely to California
9/8/2017 – KRON-SF (MyTV) – KRON 4 News At 8 (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/8/2017 – KCBA (FOX) – Morning News (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/8/2017 – KTVU-SF(FOX) – KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7 am (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/8/2017 – KRON-SF (MyTV) – KRON 4 Early News (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/8/2017 – KRNV (NBC) – News 4—Today (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/8/2017 – KNBC- LA (NBC) – NBC4 Today in LA (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/8/2017 – KTVU-SF (FOX) – KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4:30am (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/8/2017 – KRON-SF (MYTV) – KRON 4 Early News (Rescued From Hurricane Irma)
9/7/2017 – KFSN-FRES (ABC) – 3Action News at 11 (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/7/2017 – KRON-SF (MyTV) – KRON 4 News at 10 (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/7/2017 – KCBA (FOX) – News: First at 10 (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/7/2017 – KOFY-SF – ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/7/2017 – KPIX-SF – (CBS) KPIX 5 News at 6:00PM (Transferred Ahead of Hurricane Irma)
9/7/2017 – California Patch Florida Shelter Dogs, Cats Evacuated to Bay Area
9/7/2017 – The Daily Californian Berkeley Humane Society helps transport animals away from Hurricane Irma
9/7/2017 – East County Today Bay Area Rescues Receive Animal Evacuees from Hurricane Irma’s Path
9/7/2017 – NBC Bay Area Adoptable Animal Evacuees from Hurricane Irma
9/7/2017 – KRON4 VIDEO REPORT: Dozens of adoptable animals flown from Florida to Bay Area ahead of Hurricane Irma
9/7/2017 – KTVU FOX 2 152 cats and dogs flown to East Bay to flee Hurricane Irma
9/7/2017 – East Bay Times One step ahead of Irma, animals flown from Florida to Bay Area
9/7/2017 – ABC7News Shelter animals from Florida arrive in Bay Area ahead of Irma
9/6/2017 – Times-Herald Hurricane irma forces pet evacuations to East Bay shelters
9/6/17 – East Bay Times Hurricane Irma forces early pet evacuations to East Bay shelters
9/1/2017 – Bay Woof Links Evident Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence
8/30/2017 – East Bay Times Pets and Wildlife: Bay Area adoptions, other events, Aug 30 and beyond
8/25/2017 – KGO-SF (ABC) – ABC7 News 11:00AM (Perfect Pet Lillian Rose)
8/23/2017 – Cookie and lemonade profits go to two good causes
8/19/2017 – NBC Bay Area NBC Bay Area, Telemundo 48 Clear the Shelters
8/19/2017 – 15 pets named after pop culture that you can adopt right now
8/19/2017 – KNTV-SF (NBC) – NBC Bay Area News (Clear the Shelters)
8/19/2017 – KGO-SF (ABC) – ABC7 News 8:00AM (Clear the Shelters)
8/19/2017 – KTVU-SF (FOX) – KTVU Mornings on 2 Weekend (Clear the Shelters)
8/16/2017 – East Bay Times Free and low-cost adoptions at many Bay Area shelters Saturday
8/15/2017 – NBC Bay Area Clear the Shelters with East Bay SPCA
8/15/2017 – Tri-Valley set to ‘Clear the Shelters’
8/15/2017 – RecentNewspress Montclair/Piedmont pet of the week: Lillian Rose-California News
8/14/2017 – Pleasanton Weekly Tri Valley set to ‘Clear the Shelters’
8/14/2017 – NBC Bay Area Clear the Shelters 2017 at the East Bay SPCA
8/10/2017 – NBC Bay Area Carrie’s Story
8/8/2017 – True Viral News ‘Game of Thrones’ collides with real life? Many huskies adopted because of the show end up in shelters
8/4/2017 – ABC7 News Meet this week’s Perfect Pet
8/1/2017 – Bay Crossings Around the Bay in August 2017
8/1/2017 – Bay Woof  Beast of the Bay Awards 2017
7/25/2017 – KSN What If It’s Not Working Out With Your Shelter Pet?
7/20/2017 – NBC Bay Area Senior Dogs Are Fun
7/15/2017 – KRON4 East Bay SPCA hosts 9th annual Adopt-a-thon
7/15/2017 – Carpe Diem East Bay SPCA’s Adopt-a-thon 2017
7/15/2017 – KPIX-SF (CBS) – KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition (Adopt-a-thon)
7/14/2017 – KGO-SF (ABC) – ABC7 News 11:00AM (Find a Loving Home for Sasha)
7/8/2017 – KPIX-SF (CBS) – KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition (About SPCA/Prices)
7/7/2017 – 7X7 7 Fun Things This Week
7/6/2017 – DogTrekker East Bay SPCA Adopt-A-Thon 2017
6/27/2017 – KCBA (FOX) – Morning News (Panel Speaks About Proven Link Between Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse- Hosted by East Bay SPCA)
6/27/2017 – KTVU-SF (FOX) – KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am (Panel Speaks About Proven Link Between Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse- Hosted by East Bay SPCA)
6/27/2017 – KTVU-SF (FOX) – KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am (Panel Speaks About Proven Link Between Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse- Hosted by East Bay SPCA)
6/27/2017 – KNTV-SF (NBC) – Today in the Bay (Panel Speaks About Proven Link Between Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse- Hosted by East Bay SPCA)
6/21/2017 – DogTrekker East Bay SPCA 2017
6/2/2017 – KGO-SF (ABC) – ABC7 News 11:00AM (Boa & Jenna cats looking for home)
5/20/2017 – KPIX-SF (CBS) – KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition (Edna Needs a Home)
5/5/2017 – DogTrekker 2017 Event Calendar- NorCal Edition
4/30/2017 – Danville San Ramon News East Bay Gives ready for blitz donations Thursday
4/28/2017 – KGO-SF (ABC) – ABC7 News 11:00AM (Nugget dog Needs a Home)
3/30/2017 – One Green Planet 5 Clever Videos That Helped Save Hundreds of Animals From Life in a Shelter
3/24/2017 – KGO-SF (ABC) – ABC7 News 6:00AM (Puppies up for Adoption)
3/23/2017 – ABC7 News ABC7 adoption event for National Puppy Day 2017
3/19/2017 – KTVU-SF (FOX) – KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition (Molly McDonald needs a home)
3/8/2017 – KRON4 East Bay SPCA reduces pit bull adoption fee for “Saint Pittie’s Day”
3/4/2017 – KTVU Pet Of the Day: Kara
2/28/2017 – Bay Woof Rain, Rain Go Away
1/1/2017 – Of Blue & Green: A Fashion & Art Collision


12/8/2016 – The Independent Community Giving Tree to Benefit East Bay SPCA
12/2/2016 – NBC Bay Area Pac 12 Puppies: Four-Legged Fans Ready for Adoption
10/31/2016 – Bay WoofPaying Tribute to Animal Advocates & Volunteers
9/1/2016 – Bay WoofAvoiding the Hazards of Indian Summer – Ask Dr. Dog Dr. Michael Sozanski
8/25/2016 – 7 x 7 Online East Bay Adopt-a-thon
8/25/2016 – Pleasanton WeeklyEast Bay SPCA set for Adopt-a-thon under the palms
8/26/2016 – East Bay TimesBay Area Adoptions and other events Week of August 27
8/8/2016 – I Heart Dogs Online Homeless Man Surrenders his Injured Dog to Shelter
6/29/2016 – 22 WWLP.comHow to keep your pets safe during the hot summer months
5/11/2016 – Oakland TLC Program Teaches At-Risk Kids Empathy Towards Animals
5/6/2016 – San Jose Mercury Discover how easy it is to raise chickens in your backyard
5/6/2016 – San Mateo Daily Journal Daisymae, stolen Oakland Dog Returned to shelter
5/1/2016 – Pleasanton Weekly/Danville/San Ramon News Need a Kitty Fix? Check out this Purrody
5/1/2016 –  Alameda Patch, Walnut Creek Patch Special Needs Students Collect Prom Dresses; Kitten Trapped in Wall Rescued; Look at Lake Chabot: Saturday Smiles
4/19/2016 – Bay Woof EB SPCA Scores
4/8/2016 – I Heart CatsKittens Embrace their inner Adele in Meow Video
4/8/2016 – East Bay Times (fka Oakland Tribune) Watch: East Bay SPCA parodies Adele’s Hello with its kittens
4/8/2016 – SF Gate – East Bay kittens star in SPCA’s adorably dramatic Adele parody video & East Bay SPCA spoofs Adele’s “Hello” in music video
4/8/2016 – Seattle Post Intelligencer Kittens Embrace their Inner Adele in Meow Video
4/7/2016 – The Dodo Someone Remade Adele’s ‘Hello” and it’s all about Rescue Cats
4/1/2016 – Bay WoofBeast of the Bay Awards 2016
4/1/2016 – NBC Bay Area Woman Rescues Dogs from ‘Dumping Ground’ in Oakland Hills
3/22/2016 – Pleasanton Weekly Danville/ Furry Friends Find Running Mates
3/23/2016 – ABC 7 ABC 7 Holds Adoption Event for National Puppy Day
3/23/2016 – Hollywood Live Stream National Puppy Day Live Stream: Watch Playful Dogs Playing Together Right Now
3/23/2016 – Hello Giggles Watch these Live Puppy Cams for the Best Reason Ever
3/16/2016 – KRON 4 St. Pittie’s Day Promotion with a $17 special for adopting pit bulls
3/10/2016 – The IndependentDublin SPCA Fundraiser
2/14/2016 – Pleasanton Weekly Students Write Valentines to East Bay SPCA Animals
2/8/2016 – Adorable dogs showcased in ‘Puppy Bowl’ now up for adoption
2/2-5/2016 –  SF Gate, San Mateo Daily Journal, Vallejo Times Herald, Fresno Bee, Sacramento Bee Inside Bay Area, Super Bowl 50 Concerts, parties and big events
2/2-5/2016 – Contra Costa Times, East Bay Times & SJ MercurySuper Bowl 50 Concerts, parties and big events
2/4/2016 – Brit + Co.We met the MVP pups of this Year’s Puppy Bowl
2/4/2016  – San Jose Mercury, Oakland Tribune, San Mateo Daily Journal, Vallejo Times Herald, The Reporter, Chico Enterprise Record, AP Wire, Orlando Sentinel etc Superbowl 50: Puppy Bowl Café Comes to San Francisco
2/4/2016 – KRON 4 – Super Bowl 50 Puppy Adoptions at Ferry Building amid Puppy Bowl
2/4/2016 – NBC Bay Area Snatched Dog Daisymae returned to East Bay Shelters
2/2/2016 – KRON 4 Stolen Dog returned to East Bay SPCA
2/2/2016 – SF-istGuilty Feeling Thief Returns Dog Abducted from East Bay SPCA
2/1/2016 – SF & Chron.comDog Awaiting Surgery Abducted from Oakland SPCA
2/1/2016 – Dog Awaiting Surgery stolen from California shelter  — story no longer on line.
2/1/2016 – KTVU Fox 2Rescue dog set for surgery snatched from outside Oakland shelter
2/1/2016 – SFist East Bay SPCA Seeks Public Help after Daisymae the Dog Snatched from Shelter
1/31/2016 & 2/1/2016 – Monterey Herald, San Jose Mercury, Marin Independent Journal, Vallejo Times Herald, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Daily Democrat, Oroville Mercury Register, Chico Enterprise Record, AP Wire, Dog Stolen from Shelter
1/31/2016  – KRON 4A dog was stolen from its walker in Oakland
1/1/2016 – Bay Woof Resolve to Get on Track for a Great Year



12/1/2015 – Home for the Holidays: A Just-Adopted Dog’s Point of View (
10/28/2015 – East Bay SPCA, Animal Shelters Nationwide Partner with Uber for Kitten Visits (San Jose Mercury News)
5/1/2015 – Congratulations to our Board Chair, Denise Garner! Named one of the most Influential Women of 2015 (SF Business Times)
3/25/2015 – Mornings On 2 Saturday Pet of the Day — Sonny (KTVU – Fox News)
3/23/2015 – Uptown Funk Parody Encourages Adoption (
3/23/2015 – Bruno Mars Record-Breaking ‘Uptown Funk’ Attracts Parody Promoting Pet Adoption (InQuisitr)
3/22/2015 – Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and SPCA staffers ham it up in ‘Oaktown Pups’ video (Contra Costa Times)
3/21/2015 – East Bay SPCA creates video ‘Oaktown Pups’ to encourage adopting shelter dogs (KTVU-Fox News)
3/21/2015 – Oakland Mayor and SPCA staffers ham it up in ‘Oaktown Pups’ video (The Piedmonter)
3/21/2015 – Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and SPCA staffers ham it up in ‘Oaktown Pups’ video (San Jose Mercury News)
3/21/2015 – As If You Needed Another Reason to Adopt a Pet . . . (PopSugar)
3/20/2015 – 57 dogs rescued from South Korean dog meat farm arrive in San Francisco (San Jose Mercury News)
3/20/2015 – PHOTOS: Pups rescued from dog meat farm arrive in San Francisco (ABC 7 Online)
3/20/2015 – San Francisco SPCA takes in dogs rescued from South Korean meat farm (KTVU-Fox News)
3/19/2015 – Dozens of dogs rescued from South Korean dog meat farm will soon go to loving homes (CBS)
3/19/2015 – Rescued puppies wag tails and get cuddles for the first time… (UK Scottish Daily Record)
3/19/2015 – Humane Society calls for amendments to pig animal welfare code of practice (ABC Online)
3/19/2015 – Dogs Rescued from S. Korean Meat Market Arrive in SF (
1/11/2015 – Drummond: Oakland-based Pet Food Express on a roll (Contra Costa Times)
1/7/2015 – Libby Schaaf’s first act as mayor was for the dogs (


12/19/2014 – East Oakland vacant store becomes dumping ground for unwanted pets (CBS Local)
12/19/ 2014 – Pets are being dumped off in Oakland (NBC Bay Area)
12/19/2014 – Abandoned store becomes dumping site for unwanted pets (KTVU-SF)
12/18/2014 – Unwanted pets being dumped at vacant store (
12/5/2014 – SPCA visitors educate first graders about pets (
11/11/2014 – Raiders visit East Bay SPCA (
11/11/2014 – Oakland Raiders help dogs and cats at the East Bay SPCA find homes (ABC 7)
11/11/2014 –Animal Planet and the Oakland Raiders team up with the East Bay SPCA (KRON 4)
8/15/2014 – Animal shelters brace for unwanted effects of new Ninja Turtles movie (NBC Bay Area)
7/23/2014 – East Bay vs. U.S. animal groups — be advised (Contra Costa Times)
7/19/2014 – At adoption fair, image is pet peeve for fans of rats, pigeons (San Francisco Chronicle)
4/17/2014 – San Ramon photographer specializes in glamor shots of four-legged set (San Jose Mercury News)
4/14/14 – Photographer helps present shelter animals in their best light (San Jose Mercury News)

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