Pit Fix Program

Get Your Pit Fixed for $75

While the euthanasia of animals is on the decline across the county, the Pit Bull population continues to grow, leaving more and more of these animals to languish in our shelters or be euthanized without ever knowing the warmth of a home or the love of a family. 

There will never be enough homes in our community for the number of pit bulls and pit bull mixes, and the only responsible solution to curbing this population is spay and neuter programs.


  • Owner must be a resident of Alameda or Contra Costa county. 
  • Dog must LOOK majority like a Pit Bull. This is at the discretion of our veterinarian.
  • Must be an owned dog. No rescue groups, foster organizations, shelter animals, or stray dogs. 
  • Must meet the surgery requirements listed on our previous Spay/Neuter webpage. 


Discount can only be used for two pets per household per year.  

Only the spay/neuter surgery fee is discounted. Additional procedures and/or fees are at regular cost. Please see our Pricing Page for a list of additional procedures and fees. 

This program is offered at both our Oakland and Dublin facilities.  

Pit Fix Prices:

Males & Females: $75

If the dog does not qualify for the program then the surgery fee would be at our regular affordable prices. 

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*If you are trying to book an appointment and no dates are appearing, then we do not have any available appointments at this time. New appointment spots will open on the 15th of every month.

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