Virtual Programs

For schools, scouts, or just for fun!

We now offer 25-45 minute-long virtual presentations. All of our virtual programs include a short education lesson and a virtual animal meet of one of our shelter cats or dogs! We also offer the option to add in a virtual behind the scenes tour or Q&A time with a knowledgeable staff member.

If there is a specific topic you would like us to cover, please let us know and we would be happy to do so. Our Presentation content can be tailored for any age, preschool through adult!

Presentation Topics

Shelter 101

East Bay SPCA past, present, and future! An overview of our shelter operations, including exploration of how animals end up at the shelter and their journey to adoption.

Animal Care 101 – Basic Pet Care

What makes a responsible pet owner? Explore cat and dog needs, and the commitment of adoption.

Animal Care 201 – Beyond the Basics

What happens after adoption? A more in-depth discussion on how to keep pets happy and healthy – enrichment, exercise, grooming, vaccines, and vet care.

Animal Careers

Explore different roles and career pathways around animals- animal care, training, veterinary medicine and beyond!

Pet Whisperer

Learn how to interpret animal body language and behavior. Also includes bite prevention safety training!

Fabulous Felines

All about our feline friends! Explore responsible cat ownership, community cats, cat body language, and what to do if you find kittens outside.

Crazy for Canines

All about our canine companions! Explore responsible dog ownership, dog body language, and dog safety.

Our virtual presentations are priced at $50 per group, with a max of 30 per group. Exceptions to group size are only available to accommodate class sizes. Presentations are typically run via Zoom software, however we are also able to accommodate requests to use Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Scholarships are available for schools!

Interested in more than one topic? We offer discounts for multiple programs, with 3 presentations for $120. (Save $30!)

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