Presentations and Workshops

classroom program-east bay spca

The East Bay SPCA will come to you! East Bay SPCA education staff and a shelter animal visitor would love to join you to teach more about companion animals and how we can make a positive difference for pets in our community!


Presentations- $150

Our Presentation includes information about the East Bay SPCA’s history, mission, and how youth can help the animals in their community. Each visit includes an animal guest. Presentations are approximately one hour long and can accommodate a maximum of 60 students. Our Presentation content can be tailored for any age, preschool through adult!


Workshops- $200

Our hands-on workshops are facilitated with fun and engaging lessons and activities, and include an educational animal interaction with each visit. Workshops are approximately one hour long and can accommodate around 30 participants. Our current Workshop offerings are:

-Responsible Pet Care 101 (TK-5th grade)

-Love Me Gently Storytime (K-2nd grade)

-Overpopulation and Spay/Neuter (3rd-5th grade)

-Animal Body Language and Consent (all grades)

-Practicing Compassion with Shelter Diversion Programs (6th-12th grade)

-How we Learn: Positive Reinforcement Training (6th-12th grade)

If there are other topics you’d like us to build a workshop around, let us know!


SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE!  Schools applying for scholarships will be automatically awarded a scholarship that matches the percentage of students at the school who are eligible for the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program (FRPM). FRPM percentages are determined using the most recently published statistics provided by California Department of Education.

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