Workshops and Seminars

We offer a variety of affordable training workshops and seminars each month to help you better understand your pet and learn tips to modify their behavior.

In compliance with Shelter in Place health and safety guidelines, the East Bay SPCA is closed to the public, but it is still possible to work on your dog’s training in the comfort of your home during this time through online workshops and seminars via Zoom. 

Participants have the ability to ask questions real-time during sessions.

Online courses not for you? Once the COVID-19 Shelter in Place restrictions are lifted, we’ll re-open our shelters so you can visit us in person.

Want to advance your animal knowledge even more? We host a wide range of guest speakers who are industry experts throughout the year to provide training on various topics geared towards veterinarians, shelter/rescue workers and volunteers, private trainers, pet owners and more. See our upcoming guest speaker events >>

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Cheerful Checkups – Canine Cooperative Care

Does your dog currently struggle with grooming, going to the vet, having their nails trimmed, or other handling? Are you hoping to prevent future handling struggles? In this two-hour workshop, we’ll teach you how to not only help your dog enjoy their vet and grooming experiences but also to actively participate!

Friendly, Fierce, or Frisky – Understanding Your Cat’s Communication

This hour and a half seminar explores the ins and outs of feline body language. Whether you’re an animal care professional, a longtime pet owner, a new adopter, or are simply interested in learning more about the mysterious creatures we share our homes with, this seminar is for you. All participants will receive a take-home booklet with resources, the class curriculum, and exercises to continue their exploration of kitty communication. Come share an afternoon of cat-themed education at the East Bay SPCA!

This one and a half hour seminar is for people only.

Dog Talk

“He bit out of the blue!” “My dog is stubborn.” “She doesn’t listen to me!” Often our dogs are telling us things that we don’t understand. Find out what your dog is really trying to tell you, and learn how best to communicate with them. An in-depth look at canine body language and best training practices.

A one-hour seminar is for people only.

Trail Manners

Everything you and your dog need to know to be a considerate team while enjoying the hiking trail together.

A one-hour seminar for people only.

Multi-Dog Management

A guide to management and training for the multi-dog household. Some topics include dog meets, threshold training, resource guarding prevention, arousal management, and stationing.

A two-hour seminar is for people only.

Polite Leash Walking

The freight train, the leash biter, the easily distracted, and the staller are all invited to this one!

A one-hour workshop for people and their dogs.

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