Cat Private Training

Cat private training sessions are only available online via Zoom.

You can train cats? The answer is yes! The East Bay SPCA is proud to offer online Feline Private Training Sessions. In these sessions, one of our trainers will observe and work closely with you and your cat and make recommendations for training and management plans. Many cat owners don’t realize that there are a host of training and management options at their disposal which can help to improve common undesirable behaviors such as door darting, furniture scratching, rough play, and many more.

But private training isn’t just for problem solving—you can also learn to teach your cats fun tricks, cooperative care techniques for things like nail trimming and grooming, as well as enrichment activities such as harness training. The possibilities are endless!

Initial Private Training Sessions Include

  • Discussion of your cat’s Intake Form (available below) and questions regarding the cat’s history and main behavior concerns.
  • Discussion of management techniques to prevent escalation of behavior.
  • Discussion of equipment and tools needed for both training and management.
  • Discussion of reinforcers, triggers, thresholds, learning theory, and body language.
  • Implementation of at least one training technique to help modify the main behavior concern.
  • Follow-up email with an outline of a training plan and additional notes and resources to help you move forward with training at home.

Additional Sessions Include

  • Troubleshooting issues at home and follow-up regarding the training assigned during the first session.
  • Adjustments to the training plan as needed.
  • Building on the existing training plan and introducing additional tools or techniques.

East Bay SPCA Locations

Because bringing cats to a new environment is often overwhelming for them and therefore not conducive to training, we are only offering feline private trainings over Zoom.

Private Training Pricing Information

  • 1 Hour Zoom Consultation + Training Plan (required prior to signing up for training sessions): $100
  • Zoom Single Session (45 minutes): $80
  • Pack of 3 Zoom Training Sessions (45 minute sessions): $215

If you are interested in booking a private training session with us but require a scholarship due to financial hardship, please contact us at

How to Register for Private Training

Please complete our Private Training Intake Form. We aim to be in touch with you within 72-hours to discuss our availability to take on new cases and scheduling an appointment.


Prepare for Your First Session by Having the Following

Is there a “high value” treat your cat enjoys over all others? Shelter favorites include:

  • All meat baby food
  • Nulo or other brands of meat stick treats
  • Blue Buffalo treats
  • Greenies
  • Bonito flakes
  • Freeze dried fish or liver
  • SMALL pieces of:
    Tuna (in water not oil)
    Sardines (in water not oil)
    Unseasoned lunch meat

Is there a “high value” toy that your cat enjoys over all others? Examples include:

  • Cat Dancers
  • Wand feather toys
  • Fishing pole style toys
  • String or yarn (not to be left unattended, potential choking hazard)

Audition some of these “rewards” and be prepared with at least one (or more!) for your first session.

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