Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes

Puppy Kindergarten 2

Now that you have a basic vocabulary with your canine companion, we’re going test his/her skills using real life distractions. This class focuses on strengthening existing behaviors while learning new ones, such as focus and impulse control; these are skills every “teenage puppy” needs to learn. Learn how to troubleshoot challenging situations and achieve the desired behavior from your growing pup. This class is for puppies that are 6-11 months old.

Mind Your Manners 2

Learn how to troubleshoot challenging situations and achieve the desired behavior from your dog. This class focuses on strengthening existing behaviors while learning new ones, such as focus and impulse control.

Tricks for Fun

Does your dog need something to do? Are you looking for different ways to play with your dog?  If you answered yes, then Tricks for Fun is a great way to continue your dog’s education! Learning new things can help your dog calm down, gain focus, develop confidence and give much needed mental stimulation and exercise. In this class we’ll explore the various techniques to teach your dog some fun tricks.  The last night of class will be a “talent” show of what you and your dog have learned.  Whether you want to earn an AKC Trick Dog title or just impress family and friends, we’re sure you’ll have a ton of fun!

Canine Good Citizen (Prep & Test)

Our Canine Good Citizen class is designed to practice the 10 test items you and your dog must pass in order to receive the AKC CGC certificate. The test includes meeting novel people politely, accepting petting and grooming, walking nicely on a loose leash alone and through a crowd, demonstrating Sit, Down, Stay, and Come, meeting another leashed dog, remaining calm during sight and sound distractions and being separated from owner for 3 minutes. On the last day of class, a certified AKC CGC evaluator will conduct the test and determine at that time whether your dog has passed the test.

Rocket Recall

Do you find yourself calling your dog to come over and over again? Is your dog unreliable off leash? Are you longing to take your dog to the beach or on a trail, but are nervous about taking that first step and unclipping the leash? You are not alone! Teaching your dog to come around distractions like squirrels, other dogs, and people takes time and practice. This class will share the secrets of getting a rocket recall, give you tips and tricks to motivate your dog, and show you how to properly practice at home for the best results!

Holiday Manners Crash Course

Are you and your dog ready for holiday visitors and visits? If not, we’ve got the help you need! This 3-week course is designed to refresh your dog’s manners just in time for the holidays. The behaviors taught in this class are particularly useful when guests arrive; they also help when dinner is being prepared, being served, and for those times when a tasty morsel hits the ground. Hoping to impress family and friends? We’ll even help your dog learn a cute parlor trick so s/he can show off! This course is a great choice for dogs who have already been to a beginning level class, even if they may need a refresher.

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