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The East Bay SPCA is a local non-profit that is not affiliated with any national organization. We obtained a four star rating from Charity Navigator and we participate in GuideStar Exchange at the Platinum level. The East Bay SPCA’s Tax ID number is 94- 1322202.

Joker was hit by a car in Oakland, shattering one of his legs.

The owner of this beautiful white pit bull was in tears when he brought the injured pup to the East Bay SPCA.

More than his best friend, Joker was the man’s family. But Joker’s injured leg would have to be amputated, expensive medical care Joker’s owner could not afford.

Joker’s owner qualified for financial assistance, so we covered the cost of Joker’s care, thanks to our Sit, Stay Home Fund.

Our Sit, Stay Home Fund ensured Joker could be returned to his owner, and demonstrates our vision to help more animals stay with their guardians in healthy, happy situations.

Will you help the next family facing difficult decisions like Joker’s family and make your gift to our Sit, Stay Home Fund today? Please give as generously as you can.