Community Event Request

Thanks to our adorable animals, we get many requests for partnered events to benefit the animals at the East Bay SPCA. We appreciate the incredible community interest in helping local animals. Although we would love to attend every fundraiser/event, we have a very small staff and we get such a high volume of requests that we are unfortunately unable to attend every event.

Please fill out the following to let us know what you are planning. Once we receive your form, we’ll let you know if we can participate and point you to a special web portal that contains our logos for print/web, brand colors, sample social media posts and images. Thank you!


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Can I crash on your couch for awhile? You don’t need a lot of time, just love and a warm lap!

They Need Your Help

Pay it forward: Shelter animals cost us an average of five times their adoption fees but your donation today will help fund their food, shelter and care.


Families come in many forms.
Come find your furry friend for life.