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Happy Trails!

The East Bay Regional Park District is a system of beautiful parklands in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties with more than 108,000 acres in 65 parks. The East Bay SPCA urges dog owners to respect the rules and preserve the privilege of the many dog-friendly parks and trails as well as off leash areas. To see a list of East Bay Regional Park District doggy do’s and don’ts, click here.

The district’s generous off-leash policy makes our home one of the best urban areas for dogs in country! Let’s all do our part to keep it this way by responding appropriately to the public’s two biggest complaints about dog owners:

  • Dogs not under voice command/out of control
    Dogs full under voice control will return to their owners despite tempting distractions such as wildlife or other people/dogs. A dog under voice control is one that comes and stays with its guardian immediately upon command.
    Want to get rock-solid recall? Need help perfecting manners? The East Bay SPCA offers a full range of dog training classes, workshops and seminars in Oakland and Dublin.
  • Not picking up after your pooch!
    Dog doo is gross and the biggest complaint from hikers with or without dogs is that some owners leave their pooch’s poop! Packing it out is part of the deal. In addition to bringing extra bags, designate a plastic container to store full bags in your backpack until proper disposal. – Have Dog, Will Travel!

Dog Trekker Logo, our favorite dog-friendly travel website, will give East Bay SPCA a dollar donation for every person who signs up for their free newsletter! To find the best on-the-road and on-the-trail adventures, subscribe at and simply select the East Bay SPCA. Get an awesome newsletter and give back to pets in need.

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