East Bay SPCA Marketing Style Guide


The East Bay SPCA logo should always appear in a consistent manner, utilizing proper layout and colors as specified in these guidelines. It should be displayed clearly and in a prominent location, independent of other elements.

The East Bay SPCA logo should always be presented at a size that is easily readable.

The East Bay SPCA logo should always be displayed in correct, consistent form whenever used. This is vital to the brand identity and its recognition in the community. Alterations to the logo are strictly prohibited. Use the specific logo files provided to ensure that they are displayed in correct form.

Do not change the configuration

Do not redraw or re-typeset elements

Do not distort or change the shape

Do not place the logo on a background which makes it unreadable

Do not create new color combinations

Do not use the logo for messaging

Do not place the logo on a color background unless using one of the primary palette colors.

Various File Types of Our Logo to Download


Primary Colors

PMS: 158
CMYK: 0 64 95 0
RGB: 227 114 34
HTML: #37222
PMS: 368
CMYK: 63 0 97 0
RGB: 105 190 40
HTML: #69be28

Secondary Colors

PMS: 137
CMYK: 0 34 91 0
RGB: 255 161 0
HTML: #ffa100
PMS: 382
CMYK: 30 0 94 0
RGB: 190 214 0
HTML: #bed600

Tertiary Colors

PMS: 298
CMYK: 68 3 0 0
RGB: 61 183 228
HTML: #3db7e4
PMS: 2147
CMYK: 99 86 0 7
RGB: 0 38 119
HTML: #002677
PMS: 4645
CMYK: 28 48 65 6
RGB: 177 132 98
HTML: #ba8a64



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