Watson and Crick are looking for a home!


Name: Watson and Crick
Age: 7 weeks
Breed: Jack Russel Terrier mix
Foster Period: ~5 weeks+

Watson and Crick are two little puppies that entered our care late last week and have been confirmed to have demodex. This is a noncontagious mite that lives at the base of the hair follicle eventually leaving the affected dog bald and itchy. Thankfully the treatment has evolved since I’ve been here and all it takes is a single dose of a specific oral flea treatment every three months until the dog is demodex free. Thankfully we even for the most extreme cases one dose of the flea treatment is enough to take care of the mites! These two also received an injection of a slow release antibiotic for their skin infection that is commonly associated with demodex. The only thing that you will need to do as the foster is treat these two to some much needed TLC and provide them with a bath every week with a shampoo that we will provide. I’ve seen varying degrees of demodex over the years that have ranged from extremely mild to almost unbearable to witness. These two, although visibly affected, are doing well and will start to respond to their treatment quicker than you would imagine! I know that Thanksgiving is coming up but if anyone is able to take these two into their care for the next month or so I’m sure that Watson and Crick would be more than appreciative.

Mimi Dietderich
Foster Care Coordinator


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