EBSPCA Adoption Report Oct 31st – Nov 6th







Oakland Adoptions

Animal ID Animal Name Breed
39465 Lyra Domestic Short Hair
39436 Maximillian Domestic Longhair
39384 Mama Rhonda Domestic Medium Hair
38201 Pangaea Snowshoe
38270 Brian Domestic Short Hair
39185 Pansy Domestic Short Hair
39466 Creature Domestic Medium Hair
39467 Mothman Domestic Short Hair
Total: 8
Animal ID Animal Name Breed
38575 Billy Boy Chihuahua
39374 Lil Rascal American Pit Bull
39070 William American Pit Bull
38624 Meekah American Pit Bull
38767 Platypus Chihuahua / Dachshund
Total: 5
Animal ID Animal Name Breed
39188 Mrs. Puffs Domestic Short Hair
39341 Lake Domestic Medium Hair
39289 Cecil Domestic Short Hair
39525 Lilly Domestic Short Hair
39526 Rosie Domestic Short Hair
39468 Beast Domestic Short Hair
39506 Pumpkin Domestic Short Hair
39083 Will Domestic Short Hair
39400 Quesadilla Domestic Short Hair
39229 Wooster Domestic Short Hair
39230 Jeeves Domestic Short Hair
38927 Knox Domestic Short Hair
39343 Stream Domestic Medium Hair
Total: 13
Animal ID Animal Name Breed
39455 Spencer American Pit Bull
39456 Conrad Shepherd / Boxer
Total: 2

Total: 28

Dublin Adoptions

Animal ID Animal Name Breed
37347 Cinnabun Domestic Medium Hair
39352 Bubbles Russian
37654 Willa Domestic Short Hair
39272 Jelly Bean Domestic Medium Hair
38015 Little One Domestic Short Hair
39017 Fantasia Domestic Short Hair
Total: 6
Animal ID Animal Name Breed
39357 Sergio Spaniel
37050 Luna Bamboona American Pit Bull
39269 Bruno Chihuahua
39266 Pogo Terrier
39492 Spicy Labrador / Shepherd
39277 Chopper Terrier
Total: 6
Animal ID Animal Name Breed
39440 Chubster Domestic Short Hair
38854 Forest Domestic Short Hair
39405 Leo Domestic Short Hair
39441 Baby Kittie Domestic Short Hair
39430 Agnes Domestic Short Hair
39091 Jason Domestic Short Hair
39442 Goldmember Domestic Short Hair
39435 Couture Domestic Short Hair
39050 Solstice Domestic Short Hair
39434 Blue Steel Domestic Short Hair
38604 Lefty Domestic Short Hair
Total: 11
Animal ID Animal Name Breed
39328 Roberto Dachshund / Terrier
39044 Pumpkin Siberian Husky / American Pit Bull
39040 Honeydew Siberian Husky / American Pit Bull
39330 Sephora Chihuahua / Terrier, Rat
39043 Button Mushroom Siberian Husky / Shepherd
39359 Qwerty Chihuahua
39045 Cherry Siberian Husky / Shepherd
39329 Menchu Terrier
39038 Jicama Siberian Husky / Shepherd
Total: 9

Total: 32

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